Plan your dive. Dive your plan

dybikI am a recreational and technical diving instructor of four associations (IANTD, PSAI, PADI, CMAS). Since I am a mechanical engineer by background, diving is not my only source of income but it is definitelly my greatest passion.

Due to my time limitations, I focus on technical courses but I still run recreational courses from time to time. I run deep diving (decompression), cave diving and rebreather diving courses. The courses are intented for people who wish to improve their skills and diving qualifications, exceeding the limitations of recreational diving. My goal is to transmit theoretical and practical skills, allowing, most likely, to plan and performs such dives safely. This is what I insist on mostly during the courses.
According to Hal Watts:”Plan your dive. Dive your plan.”

Why technical diving?

Ever since my experience with diving started, I have always dreamt about diving a little bit longer and a little bit deeper. It was not easy in Poland, where I began to dive. The term of technical diving did not really exist, and access for knowledge and skills for such dives was strongly limited.

Nowadays, technical diving has become far more common and popular. Proper standards have been developed, allowing much saver technical dives. Things that are required for this are knowledge, equippment, skills and experience. I always try to run my courses on the faith of these rules.

However I do not have any preferences, I run most of my technical courses according to IANTD and PSAI, on account of various procedures and solutions that I agree with, and according to which I dive myself.

Who am I?

My name is Piotr Dybikowski, I was born in Poland. Currently I live and dive in Cork, Ireland.
Education: Mechanical Engineer, Gdańsk University of Technology
Occupation: various, from mechanic to manager
Second occupation: diving instructor


Dybik, Peter

Additional parameters

171cm, 73 kg

Diver certifications

IANTD: Full Trimix Instrukcor, Open Circiut Technical Cave instructor, CCR Technical Cave Instructor No.8321
PSAI: Narcosis Menagment Instructor, Sport Diving Instructor  PSAI No.#908
PADI: Staff Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, Trymix Instructor No.250238

CMAS: Instructor No. POL F02 M1 10 000002

Favourite equippment

Wings: Tec Line, Halcyon, Zeagle
Diving suits: Santi ,DUI, NO Gravity
Undergarments: No Gravity, Santi, TecLine
Flash lightes: Yellow Diving, Light For Me, Trojan,
Regulators: Diverite, Apeks, Scubatech
Computers: Sherwater, X1, DR5, Digital, XDeep
Rebreathers: JJ, Buddy Inspiration, Revo, Pelagian,  (I haven’t tried all yet)
Underwater scooters: X-scooter, Cuda

Favourite places

I do not really have such places… I like all dives – from reef to cave, as well as very deep ones. I like lakes, Baltic shipwrecks, Egypt, Croatia, Norway, French and Florida caves and all the places I haven’t visited yet.

I simply enjoy diving.

Number of dives


Other hobbies

photography, good music, sports