Professional training – diving workshops

The purpose of diving workshops is to strengthen and improve previously acquired skills, as well as to prepare a diver for future training, by improving diving techniques, solving problems, and dealing with failure that may occur during a course. Professional training allows a diver to eliminate potential shortcomings, unifying one’s routine in case of emergency during technical diving and improving quality and efficiency of diving and team work.

The range and topic of training is adjusted to needs and skills of workshops participants. Depending on what they need, we provide both theoretical and practical topics.

  • Perfect buoyancy, correct balance, position in water (trim)
  • Swimming techniques (breaststroke , modified breaststroke, helicopter, crawl, modified crawl)
  • S-drill (safety drill) – excises in sharing breathing gases in case of emergency (a donor and a recipient)
  • V-drill (Valve drill) – abilities of eliminating gas leaks (closing valves)
  • exercises in case of losing a mask
  • exercises in case of losing light
  • exercises with stage bottles
  • exercises in using a guideline
  • using a surface marker buoy


Based on one’s needs. Usually 1 or 2 days and 2 to 4 dives.


Standard equipment configuration – Hogarthian adjusted to the type of workshops.

  • twinset, steel or aluminium back plate with harness, wing of 50-70 lbs
  • regulators for a twin set – basic with a long hose (180-210 cm) with a hose for a buoyancy compensator, second one with a pressure gauge and a hose supplying a dry suit
  • main light : a flashlight with storage container attached to the harness, connected with a blow torch on a goodman handle (100-120 cm long), minimum of 1 supply light
  • stage bottles (depending on one’s needs)
  • minimum of one cutting device
  • a spool of rope or a spinning wheel
  • surface marker buoy
  • compass
  • two measuring devices (time and depth)
  • fins
  • two masks for a team
  • 2 double ended carabineer
  • dry suit ( minimum of one pocket, two recommended)


Depending on the number of participants:

  • € 150 per person – one participant
  • € 120 per person – two participants
  • € 100 per person – three participants

*the prices do not include participant’s equipment and breathing gases. Accommodation, transport charges of more than 100 km from CORK and boat transport for diving are paid by a participant.