Recreational diving courses

Why diving?

Scuba diving gives us an unique oportunity to overcome our own wicknesses and to make changes in our lives. Of You serious about spreading the horizons, diving will take You to places that You havent yet seen. It will change Your szkolenie3life. It will open Your eyes and senses to new experience. Its not revelant how old are You , either You a teenager or an adult You can start new, fascinating adventure in Your life.

If Youre still not full convinced that diving is for You, call us and book a try dive. Im sure Youre gonna love it and just like i did, start Your training and continue diving.

Recreational Scuba Diving

Due to my time limitations, I focus on technical courses but I still run recreational courses from time to time Although I do not have any preferences, I run most of my basic and recreational courses according PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Why this association? The answer is simple. It associates more than 130 thousand instructors from around the world and 75% of all divers have been trained by it. Wherever you go for holidays and you wish to dive recreationally, your certificate will be recognized and accepted. Besides, the association specializes in children training like no other. Of course, it does not mean that other associations are… worse. Statistically, they are less popular around the world, however they are widely recognized and accepted.I am a diver and an instructor in many other diving associations.