BCD service

Bouyancy Control Device or just simply “jacket” should be serviced once a year, especially after intense use.

Most of the time we pay the least attention to our BCD’s. After dive we just throw it back into gear box to wait until next trip. We simply dont give this part of our equipment enough attention. It seems that there are no parts that could get broken and serviceing our BCD’s is unnecessary. This approach is wrong and if we dont give it enough attention it could let us down when it least expected.

During the annual service we check:

  • external and internal condition of the BCD (check for tears, mechanical damage, punctures of the inner bladder)
  • condition of buckles and zips
  • inner blader leak test
  • operation of power inflator and dump valves
  • power inflator service
  • cleaning and desinfection of inner bladder