Regulator service

pg_messungWe provide service and repair of scuba regulators: Apeks, Aqualung, Sherwood, Posejdon, Tec Line and we servising and repair also diferent equipment . We use only orginal kits repair . We servising also older not production regulators

To make sure serviced regulators are working correctly, their work performance should be checked on a specially prepared work station simulating real breathing resistance. As one of only few companies We do have such artificial lung ( made by German company Pressure Guard ).
ts250_geraet It allows us to measure work parameters/performance, efficiency and resistance of serviced breathing apparathus and to compare them to manufacturer safety regulations. ts250_geraet_linksOnly then we can be sure that our scuba regulator is fully functional and reliable.  After the service, every customer receives certification of such examination (witch aslo works as a guarantee). Our device is CE approved.

With full pressure regulation of examined breathing regulators, Pressure Guard is proffesional and proven tool to perform a functionality check on scuba regulators.

pg_screen_xlIt measure high and low pressure in divisions of scuba regulators, compare values of pressure levels with manufacturer requirements as well as calculating the dynamics of breathing resistance. End results are printed both, on the computer screen and by a printer for every tested regulator.

TS 250 Pressure Guard work station allows for stageless ventilation regulation and high accuracy of results by reduction of dead space of ( connected ) tested regulator.


We all know that our life depends on work of breathing regulators while being underwater. Dont delay with service until malfunction – it could be to late! Manufacturers of all makes of regulators are recommending service every year ( or more often every 100 dives ) and during the service work, change of all orings and all other necessary moving parts. Most moving parts age and deform with time, even if there not being used. That means, even if we dont use our equipment zit will work flawlessly after a year. Its especially important deep underwater, long way to the surface. We should also consider warranty conditions – Apeks regulators have lifetime warranty but only when necessary services were conducted by approved technician. Any work or service performed by unauthorised person, will breach regulator warranty.